About NPO Omotehama Network


The OMOTEHAMA coast where it is located in the south of central Aichi Prefecture in Japan, and it faces the open sea in the Pacific Ocean. Even in Lake Hamana, the local puts familiarity and calls the Enshunada coast of about 50km "OMOTEHAMA" from the IRAGO cape to the east.


A gradual line from the sea to sands and the hill is features in this coast, and the natural environment that leads to the cliff forest and the farmland has supported the person's life. It is ground where a rich fishery and the culture were brought up by giving the Black Current.


Almost of the loggerhead in the North Pacific region because eggs is laid in Japan of threatened species II of the loggerhead specified for (VU) it is an important coast as the breeding area in the reason in the Enshunada coast.


The coming of the little tern etc. in winter sees the grey-faced buzzard and is seen famously as migrant's coming flying ground in summer if the oriental honey buzzard becomes winter ahead. A lot of wild birds are seen, and it is liked very much also between bird fanciers. The photograph below is a Buteo buteo in the sea cliff that lives with making a pair as for the nest. The appearance to do the hovering from sands is seen.


Not only the turtle and the bird but also the people visit this coast for the relief and the enjoyment. There are a lot of surf points by the geographical features that nature produces, this coast is crowded from spring to autumn with a lot of surfers, and the sportfisherman enjoys real pleasure and the surf casting of the open sea. Ovalipes punctatus that is called H crab (The pattern of the shell is seen the character of H) can be caught well in the kiss, the flatfish, Pennahia argentata, the cutlassfish, and local.



Professor Shinichi Aoki (an assistant professor) of Toyohashi University of Technology starts for its new post to a fellow scholar, and the Omotehama network meets Hiroshi Kato of the former representative in Omotehama coast about an Omotehama network when there is not the room and begins in case moved a heart by the enthusiasm for his shore.
Professor Aoki recommended the utilization of the mailing list using the Internet that did not yet spread as now to Kato by those days, and an expert and the shore user of the shore, the argument beyond the situation including the administration planned joint ownership in information positively as the place that it was possible for.
We are constructed by the member approximately approximately 150 now.
Kato continued it including an investigation into Loggerhead turtle taking advantage of the case which we found a corpse of the Loggerhead turtle in Omotehama coast for approximately ten years, but he who gets used to this shore notices the change of the shore from that time since we were young.
Kato came to be concerned with a local social problem, and the maintenance of the shore thought that the cooperation with the area was indispensable, and streamed down the present conditions to many people and groped for a solution afterwards.
We planned the cooperation with the area for the purpose of the maintenance of such shore environment and we still held it in 2002 and repeated the results, and "the sea turtle heredity festival" that we began in 2001 invited Japan sea turtle meeting (sea turtle meeting sponsorship in Japan) in Toyohashi in 2003.
it is produced booklet "Omotehama coast" by the furtherance of the Japanese foundation.
We performed the first "Omotehama symposium" that announced it, and the contributor of the booklet gave a lecture from the whole country.
In 2005, we inherit will of Kato, and a current representative reopens an investigation into Loggerhead turtle of the Omotehama coast.
The current representative who continued surfing in Omotehama coast more than 30 years is the one who looked at this shore for many years.
The purposes are different, but we are concerned with this shore for many years, and a common thing to like the sea ties two and we carry thought of Kato on our back now and are active.
In July of the year, the corporation becomes becoming it from any group.
It is with Project in the whole year when we said a "sandy beach reproduction project" "Omotehama excursion" "Omotehama Oiden festival" "Omotehama symposium" and continues the activity that Kato performed at the present.