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"At Omotehama Coast we are working together to create a new coastal community"

One with respect for the environment and the people who work and play there.


Omotehama Coast. Composition of sand and water.
It is located in the middle of Japan on Pacific Ocean side and the coastal area expands east and west on Atumi Peninsula in Aichi.

The feature of Omotehama is the coast which expands to 57km in length.
and the supply of sand is coming from Tenryu River.
Behind this coast, there are dunes made by coastal plants, and there are hills and Cliffs with abundant Laurel trees.
This coast is valuable because it maintain a good beach environment which is rare case nowadays in Japan.

The sands on this coast is really active.
They are from Tenryu Riverare which are carried by longshore current and they make sand bar along the Omotehama beach which makes shallow sea.

Omotehama Coast. Composition of sand and water.

The shallow sea in Omotehama is important growing area for small fish such as horse mackerel and sardines.
Also the sands carried from Pacific Ocean will be stranded on the beach and they make the beach berm.

Moreover, those stranded sands will be spreaded as they are blown by the strong east-west seasonal wind.
The Omotehama beach is a wide spreaded because of this blown sands.

Era when life and coast are close "Beach shore seine"


Cow that pulls fishing net



A dry sardine is made compost.
The sardine is dried.

Bumper catch

Toyogawa irrigation channel
Change in background society.
It shifts in the age of the agricultural water and the commercial fertilizer.
The regional society began to secede from the coast.

It moves on the hill, and it has left the coast the village where the favor from the coast was not needed because of an agricultural revolution living.
Residence area

The substantial change occurred in the coast.

The Akabane fishing port faces the Pacific Ocean in the center part of the Atsumi peninsula, and the coastline is monotonous sands and a developing sea cliff. The accident accident of the fishing boat comes one after another from being in a severe, natural condition, and the demand of the shelter port construction has risen though offshore on this ground is excellent fishery. Therefore, it was specified for the only prefecture fourth kind fishing port on November 11, 1952, and it started construction by the first fishing port maintenance long term plan.


The dam stopped the outflow of earth and sand.

The earth and sand that flows and goes out has decreased.

Beach erosion
The environment of sands is deteriorated.


Circulation of sand of coast

Sand revenue and expenditure model of Omotehama coast
Always dynamic environment
Growth area of juvenile and Larva.

Shift of work

Indiscriminate Fishing
Deterioration in Fishery
Fishery collapse
Decline of region
Aichi prefecture Beach Seine a haul of fish.

EAS Report 2