IMG_0003.jpgSandy Beach at Wetland
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity

The Omotehama coast has shelving bottom, long sandy beach, the laurel forest behind. The unique form was made by upheaval. Various lives of coastal plants and organisms inhabits under the rare natural environment. In addition, subsoil water flows into the coast line with richness of nature, and make sure of fishery resource such as shirasu (young fishes of Japanese Anchovy, Japanese Sardine, and so on) along the coast in collaboration with the sandbar

Circulation cell of the sandy beach

Sandy beach and sandbar formed at coast works as a buffer between land and sea, and create many kinds of circulation. In the case of big wave (e.g. typhoon), run-up wave is relaxed because sand moves from the foreshore (beach step) to the coast sandbar and surge are broken at a sandbar. And the energy of the wave is absorbed at the sandy beach with the gentle slope. It indicates that the natural sandy beach is originally provided with function of protection. And also the sandy beach has natural function of filtrating the seawater eutrophicated by the sea current such as shore currents. Nature gives us many blessing.the conservation.

030.JPGOmotehama excursion
Omotehama excursion

It "is the seventh Omotehama excursion ocean meeting in Tahara" today. The rainy season is completely over, too and is clear. Deep blue blue sky and intense heat. I inspect Omotehama in the morning, but, in the shore, am expected Serious congestion somehow or other. Therefore I change the course and switch from Hamana bypass National highway No. 1 to Ohashi, Hamana and the prospects from a bus. I enter Tahara-shi on schedule and am inspected the sea cliff and source of a river recharge forest of Kumi Hara afterwards. I inspect sandy beach afterwards toward the Akabane fishing port east bank in order to fall in the beach. It was intense heat, but was able to perform the excursion safely somehow.

117.JPGOcean meeting in Tahara
"Ocean meeting in Tahara"

I thought it whether it was boyhood by weather of the midsummer in the morning, but was able to carry out an excursion smoothly. At first I inspected Omotehama for one and had a participant realize a neritic region comprised of coast sand bar and sandy beach.
The environment that the coast of Japan is complicated, and is various. I feel that I may wrestle for CBD/COP10 simply because it is such a marine nation. I have you do a concrete proposal from Lee doctor and feel it from the basic tone lecture of the "ocean meeting" Lee doctor in Tahara-shi Cultural Center for a workshop and limited time-temperature tolerance from the afternoon whether directionality was found by the action to a problem of a coast, the ocean.

From the CBD for
Marine expert rally (Larry) doctor (Lawrence Patrick Hildebrand) visited Omotehama today CBD coast from Canada. I visit it for sandy beach, coast sand bar, inspection of the shallow sea in this Omotehama next to Chiba. When it "was necessary for gradation of such a vegetation to preserve the sand dune habitat which there was in good condition well" in a landscape of sand dune and the hill of the Omotehama, including the national festival-like rare species such as loggerheads, I had a proposal in the tsunami suffering in this East Japan great earthquake disaster in various ways more.
Ocean Day at NAGOYA Summary
"Biological diversity contracting party international conference COP10" was held last year in Nagoya-shi. Various problems were talked about for a coast, ocean in "Ocean Day at NAGOYA", and a statement was made. Summary has been sent as a director of the marine section a coast of the CBD by Dr. Biliana of the global forum. It is necessary for Japan to promote it as a chairperson country by next COP11.

Marine and Coastal Biodiversity

Ocean Day at NAGOYA

CBD/COP10 "OceanDay at NAGOYA"

On October 23 during the tenth Biodiversity Convention contracting party meeting (CBD/COP10) session, "oceans D at Nagoya" is held as allied event of CBD/COP10. "The global forum about ocean, a coast, islands" holds this event in cooperation with the Biodiversity Convention secretariat, global environment facility (GEF) and a marine policy study foundation, and main cooperant cooperates with this.
By this event, argument is performed about the problem of the marine organism variety by the representative of the high levels such as the domestic and foreign government, an international organ, an NGO, the scientist and "Nagoya ocean declaration" (a tentative name) to promote an aggressive action of the global community for the conservation of the marine organism variety adopts it and is going to be announced.

※ An observer pass is necessary for participation. Please be careful.

Ocean Day at NAGOYA Summary

Ocean Mozaic


Workshop of coast and shallow sea. Coastline and the Shallow sea region that bring up biological diversity. We are learn abut good practice and the lesson learns. How is a Shallow sea region important to marine biological diversity? We preserve a continuity of the coastline in good condition and must think about the connection to shallow sea.


Life with Dynamic Sand - From steep mountains to the open ocean-

In CBD COP10 side the event "earth which is Life with Dynamic Sand - From steep mountains to the open ocean ーDynamic living - steep mountain open sea ー" where is hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Chubu District maintenance station today as a panelist participation. From early morning, I went to the conference room by saying that I made arrangements at 9:00 of the morning. Japan of steep land form. It is a characteristic that develop the Japanese land form at the distance that difference in elevation from the high mountain to sea has a short. The earth and sand move dynamically, and the ecosystem is side event that the steep land form produces a variety in a reason. The side event meeting place is Japanese Government tent site.

Life with Dynamic Sand