Ocean Meeting in Tahara


From inspection Field Excursions of the Omotehama coast


The ocean meeting was swift-footed in the morning, but we inspected Omotehama coast as representative beach environment of Japan, and a problem of the beach environment of Japan started maintenance of the marine biological diversity in a viewpoint how you could advance to more from the coast.
As position at the rate of of the wide area Coast that faced the open sea in particular this time, the domain that is big, and participate in marine productivity such as circulation and the exchange of the Asanami area more direct; regarded it.
Furthermore, a citizen had you inspect wrestling of being active as Japanese coast maintenance example because we were related to "biological diversity contracting party meeting COP10" held in Nagoya in October, 2010, and LEE doctor was visited in Omotehama coast by Canada.


We had a personal-like proposal to the coast, ocean maintenance activity of Japan and the coast and a problem and the prospects of the biological diversity of the ocean area give a lecture in "an ocean meeting" based on inspection from the afternoon.


A proposal from Dr. Lee

Concerning all of you holiday, we thought that we wanted to play at the shore than we said that a lot came and might come, but had you establish the ground of such a great "ocean meeting" this time today though myself took a walk through the shore in a while ago and thought that I wanted to come back to the shore emotionally again.
And at first we want to thank all of you who came here in spite of a holiday.
Thank you.
At first we participate in an ocean meeting this time and want to show respect for Yuji Tanaka of the Omotehama network where we are active in a hometown and come to heartily.
After it supposes a little, and doing it, is it a surfer?
There was the image called the rock and roller, but ask about a story, and come in serious oceanographers; that have technical knowledge about the dynamics of the sea very again, and come; is particularly impressed very much.
In addition, we learned that we settled in this area of Japan and worked on the protection of the sea turtle wisely and came.
We were cheered up in this way when we knew that we said that great people played an active part in an area, and we of the secretariat did not try it hard more.

145.JPGAnd we want to show respect for Mr. Seino.
Then we really met Mr. Seino for the first time in Tokyo in April, but thought that possibly we might have the common gene promptly when we met.
We joined by this event this time, and the person called Satoko Seino really had an impression to be mother-like existence when we related to area along the shore management of Japan.
We are waiting expectantly for case working for Seino again working with Seino in future.
And we think that we want a vision for the area along the shore management of Japan and a dream, us common dream and vision to realize by all means.
A Biodiversity Convention contracting party meeting is held in Nagoya in October as all of you know.
193 countries join it, but the United States does not become the contracting party now.
Then the Japanese Government becomes the biggest fund contribution when it is simply this treaty.
Therefore Japanese Government will say a major shareholder of the CBD secretariat if we compare it in a company and say.
In other words, at this time, we represent the CBD secretariat and want to tell Japanese tax payers about thanks heartily because a part of the tax that all of you paid is what is used for administration of the secretariat of the CBD.
At first this Biodiversity Convention is case that it is subject to it that each country takes an oath of the identification for sustainable development, development and maintenance of the biological diversity in the contracting party.
This treaty has three big purposes mainly.
First of all it is maintenance of the biological diversity, the sustainable use of the element which secondly constitutes the biological diversity and fair and fair distribution of the profit to produce thirdly from the use of the genetic resource.
This treaty has various programs.
The biological diversity of the ocean, an area along the shore becoming the main theme this time is an important point of one in the thing which Biodiversity Convention aims for.
There are influence of biological diversity であるとか of the forest, a mountainous district, inland water in from it, such a local biological diversity and the Climate change, such a thing other than the biological diversity of the ocean, the area along the shore for this program, too.
Therefore this treaty is that we run various different programs while putting very complicated biological diversity in a thought.
There is what we want to emphasize this time whether a meeting of COP10 in this Nagoya is necessary.


Is particularly important about the biological diversity of the ocean, the area along the shore; will be held a meeting.
First of all it might be said that we decreased loss speed of the biological diversity that an aim of 2010 was advocated though we thought that we knew of everybody conspicuously.
For example, it may be very difficult when we explain that we say what the shin, biological diversity are.
For example, even my parents are my daughters again, but it is difficult to understand the word quite good biological diversity.
When it is said what one but it is, and they readily explain this to general people though they do work about the biological diversity though there is a place finding it very difficult to understand what it is, our mother thinks that she can explain it in kinder form.
For example, can take the thing which there is what's called biological diversity, and we eat, e.g., the rice, and can explain it in the form that medicine or the cosmetics depend on a tree and grass, the flower which biological diversity causes it, and exist there for; carry it on its back.
It is said that there are approximately around 1 billion people who we depend on the biological diversity directly, and make living every day all over the world.
It may be said that there are fewer things which are not based on the use of the biological diversity in a thing, the product which we use even us who are in the developed country for every day.


Therefore of the biological diversity that the people of the media did it this way by all means civil society is social, and think that want to do an action to take away the barrier of the heart to have understand economic value.
We think that we have you do it to prevent the case which we judge it, and destroy biological diversity more which a policy maker took the wrong by doing so it.
We had a talk with Mr. Seino at the time of inspection in various ways today.
About the ocean, an area along the shore, we asked problem of the culture is a matter of the problem, that of quality of the water about farmland, a farm village, agriculture, a story then to have to think about the economic whole, the whole basin.
When we think about the biological diversity of the world ocean, area along the shore, we must always wrestle with various different groups.
After all it is a problem to need a human being power is a matter of the human nature though this is a problem of the ocean, the area along the shore.
We always make hearts opening and have sense of values to say to cooperate with various people, and we are good, and it will become difficult without such a posture with the various places where it is readily various to cooperate.
Therefore we always think that various people, the system to cooperate with the surfer are important with an open heart.
It is not right exaggeration even if the cooperation of various interested parties beyond the field says to success of the maintenance of the ocean, the area along the shore and the maintenance of the biological diversity in the area that we are connected.
COP10 held in autumn is really important this year in Nagoya; will be held a meeting.
Of course the COP10 situation is important, too.
Then, as for this, one big suggestion is started for ten years of this United Nations biological diversity though we really advised the person of the CBD citizen net.
We think that we have you cross a hand with other groups sharing the again same aim to be particularly interested in called the same biological diversity not the relation only for NGOs by all means or the research organization from now on while we have you be active about biological diversity all the time.
Of course with all of you as the NGO or people of the place that is near to the government or the research organization may be different in a style of the way of moving of is a matter of the modus operandi.

However, with such a place and a big pipe, in the NGO, the government and the case that the situation improves by taking the communication think that it is thought by forming a network.
We think that the NGO wants you to play a role to watch whether after all their government takes a right action.
Therefore we think that we want you to watch what kind of response Japanese Government gives slowly and carefully even if it comes to next COP10.
In addition, please train young people.
Because it is such an international treaty, it is to train people understanding the contents exchanged in an international treaty in English well.
Though we think that the communication in English does not have any problem if it is a foreign NGO, we have in English to young people and understand the contents well, and case saying that we begin to be able to be brought up now thinks as a Japanese leader and a talented person carrying out the part of pipe which relates the activity in the area to global activity at the same time to be important in the future.


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